At Licence 2 Kale, our journey began with a passion for juicing and a love for cinema, blending together to create a unique experience.

Established in 2021 in Hastings, East Sussex, and later expanding to our hometown of Rye in MArch 2023, we've been on a mission to inspire and empower through plant-based goodness.

In December 2023, faced with challenges due to the rising cost of living, we were forced to close our doors in Hastings, but our commitment remains unwavering as we continue to thrive in Rye, serving up health and happiness one sip at a time.

As a plant based juice bar, our ethos is simple yet profound: to connect people with the nourishing power of nature. We proudly source our products primarily Rom female-owned businesses, championing the ethos of "Women Supporting Women".

in the heart of Rye, we stand as the first and only fully plant based cafe, dedicated to bringing diversity and inclusivity to our community.

We are proudly Brown and Female owned, and we are vocal about this!!

Beyond our culinary offerings, we are deeply rooted in social responsability.

We proudly support initiatives like The Refugee Buddy Project and Trans Pride in Hastings, our fruit and veg waste is used as compost for Rye's community gardens, we believe businesses have responsability towards our planet, so all our take-away cups, bowls, etc are either compostable or recyclable, thanks embodies our commitment to making a positive impact beyond our doors.

At Licence 2 Kale, we invite to join us on a journey of wellness, community and compassion.

And remember, we love the planet, the animals and of course...